Flex XS


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The one that started it all is back in a much smaller form and with a smaller pricetag!

The Flex XS has the same original PLL circuit as the original standard Flex that was released in 2013 and created such a buzz by quickly finding its way into the sonic arsenal of big league artists such as Josh Klinghoffer, Jack White, Adrian Belew, and Nick Reinhart.


- Small but rugged die cast 1590b enclosure: 4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06" (112 x 60 x 27mm)

- Top Mounted Jacks for space conservation

- Stepgaurd/pull bar to protect switches and potentiometers

- True, honest bypass switching via heavy-duty mechanical footswitch

- Standard barrel 9VDC power jack (center negative)

- 30 mA current draw